Thursday, September 27, 2012


Where does the time go? I am so amazed with people who keep up with their blogs. Before I show Yellowstone photos, I have to tell you that I can now run 5k! Yesterday, my sister and I ran it. Let me tell you, the last 1/4mile almost killed me. And today, I did it again! I am now ready for Saturday.

Dean and I went to yellowstone with our friends Ashley, Marti, Collin, and my sister Miya. It was unbelievably beautiful and humbling. I want to go back there next summer.

While we were there, we kept seeing this guy with a full-on beard who was biking everywhere. On our way back to the campsite from one of our adventures, we saw him struggling to go up this huge hill. He had his thumbs up while wobbling on his bike and barely making it. Dean and I decided to give him a ride. It turns out that he had just graduated from law school and decided before he started his full-time criminal law job, he wanted to go on a big trip. He had biked all the way from Canada! Can you believe it?

Of course we saw a bunch of bisons!

There were a TON of cool textures to be found.

Old Faithful

I bought this cool stamp to put in my National Parks Passport

Can you see the bear waaaaay in the right back corner?


jenny said...

Amazing photos! I need to go to Yellowstone. I think the last time I went I was like 6.

iyouandme said...

Thanks Jenny! You should! It's so beautiful there.

ashley said...

These turned out great! We never did exchange pictures... Also, super impressed about the 5k. I REALLY need to do that program.

iyouandme said...

Thanks Ashley! I skipped like half of it since I was trying to do a 5K in a month instead of 2. But it worked!