Tuesday, September 4, 2012


At the beginning of this year, my family decided that we needed to individually come up with 3 goals (spiritual, physical, and general) to work on throughout the year. My goals were:

Spiritual: Read the Book of Mormon (Bible study) more regularly.
Physical: Do some consistent, physical activity regularly. (I hate to work out so I refused to call it work out).
General: Be happy at work!

I will talk about my Spiritual and General goals more later. For now, I have a big announcement about my physical goals.

I started the year off by doing more Yoga but quickly decided it just wasn't making me feel like I worked out. Just Dance was going great until repeating all the dances started to get boring. And then, I found Pilates with Lara Hudson. BEST THING EVER. I will talk about that more later. But the big announcement is that I will be running a 5K at the end of this month!! "WHAAAAAAAT!? NOOOOOOO WAAAAAAY" is the reaction you should be having right now if you know me well. I unofficially vowed never to run "long-distance" after doing cross-country in high school. But when I found out that there's a charity/fundraiser 5K run for a girl at my church who's fighting cancer, I felt like I had to. And to be honest, I have been secretly wanting (but not really wanting) to do a 5K for awhile. I haven't paid yet, but I started couch to 5K and am confident that I will cross that 5K finish line running (or jogging) and looking good in my LaraHudson-trained body.

I will keep you posted....

this time, for real.

PS. A sneak peak of my summer updates that will be coming soon as well.....

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