Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I got a lot done surprisingly but it was a nice and relaxing weekend for me.

The Ramptons, Miya (my sister), Dean and I decided to get take out from Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving. We also picked up some Pumpkin Supreme Pies from Village Inn. Such a classy Thanksgiving, I know :) The food was great and loved not having to clean up the mess.

The next day, my sister and I went and got a pedicure, and saw Skyfall. On Saturday, Dean got me a really cool piece of furniture! (And by that I mean, I saw it at the store, wanted it really bad but felt guilty because it was a "big purchase" for me. So I went home and talked and talked and talked about it to Dean. Dean got sick of listening to me wanting this awesome piece of furniture that I felt too guilty to get. So he went to the store with me and paid for it so I didn't feel like I paid for it...even though the money is still coming out of the same bank account....) It's this bar cabinet but I'm using it to store all of my art supplies. And it's definitely a versatile piece that I'll get to keep forever.

My friends Amber, Caytlyn, and I worked on our Christmas crafts on Saturday. And I put up my advent calendar on Sunday!

Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving packaging was surprisingly cool. 

The Ramptons. Travis looks really classy.

We read Jingle Babies. Highly recommend it.

Plaid Bananagrams with Jude. We had to be characters from the Toy Story all night. Jude was the Real Buzz (see Toy Story 2 for reference). Creed was Bullseye. Travis was Woody, Buzz's best friend. Lindsay was Jessie. Dean aka Dinx was Mr. Potato Head (no I was not the Mrs.) I was Evil Dr. Pork-Chop. And Miya was Rex but was demoted to Lotso. 

Halfway through the night, Jude or the Real Buzz decided that we were going to switch roles. So Miya became Ayumi and I became Miya. And Travis who was Woody became Woody's best friend. 

Crafting on Saturday with the girls. 

Advent Calendar. Dean and I will be leaving each other notes every day.

I stuck letter stickers on the clothespins spelling Merry Christmas. 

Oh and here's my new purchase. Isn't she lovely?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween 2012

So I know this is late but I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of our costumes from Halloween (if you haven't already seen them on FB or Instagram).  For my work party, I dressed up as Max from Where The Wild Things Are. I where my Max costume that my mom made me every year. But this year, I decided I wanted to make a metal crown and a scepter. So I did just that!

For the actual Halloween day, I was Suzy as the raven from Moonrise Kingdom while Dean was Sam Shakusky. LOVE that movie by the way. I quote Suzy's lines all the time and I make Dean quote Sam's lines. Hahaha. I'm quite proud of the way our costumes turned out if I may say so myself. It was really fun making them. Something I'm realizing is that I enjoy making Halloween costumes a lot.

Sorry some of these are blurry. Dean does this thing where he keeps taking photos one after another without me knowing he's still taking pictures. But I like how the one of me turned out! Happy accident!