Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Minute Gift Guide For Your Family

A friend asked me to help her come up with gift ideas for her family members. Sometimes, your family members can be the hardest ones to shop for. I have brothers that won't tell me what they want besides cash, a sister that isn't a girly girl and has a very interesting taste, and parents that either they doesn't really care to get more stuff or feel bad making me spend money on them.

I hope you'll find something. (Sorry I didn't have time to design it all fancy.)
If you're looking for a charitable gift, check out the blogpost I designed for work. 

1. Vignelli's Stendig Calendar. At the end of the year, I use it for gift wrapping. 
2. Beard Cap. Do you think I could handle wearing it as a girl?
3. Wood Glasses Frames. Help your brothers stay cool and fashionable. 
4. Lobsters. I didn't know you could actually order lobsters online. 
5. Hamburger Press. For the meat lovers who season and grill their own burgers.  
6. Pizza Stone. I was surprised when I saw Dean take a frozen pizza and stick it directly on the oven rack. It made a mess afterwards. This is so your brother doesn't have to clean the oven.
7. Stanley Lunchbox With thermos. I thought this could also be used for road trips. 
8. Urbanears Headphones. I can't afford to get my brother the $200 "beats by dre" headphones but I can get him this! In my opinion these look way cooler. 
9. Frame Bottle Opener. I've been wanting this for awhile but it was sold out. Glad I found another site that carries it! It's definitely on my wish list. If you want a manlier looking bottle opener check this out.
10. Wood Inlay Axe. I thought this would be cool for camping. 


1. Heath Ceramics House Number Tiles. If I had a lot of money, I would get the entire collection. Perfect for parents with a permanent address. 
2. Bedside Carafe. A set of 2 would make a nice gift. 
3. Cheese of the Month Club Membership. This was a success with Dean's dad.
4. Max Brenner Hug Mug Hot Chocolate Set. This is such a cute way to drink hot chocolate. Not to mention how delicious their hot chocolate is. 
5. Kiwi Shoe Shine Kit. For your dad that loves to have shiny shoes. 
6. Hanging Plant Kit. An indoor garden for the winter time. 
7. Custom Return Address Rubber Stamps. I designed one for my wedding and loved it. If you don't want to design one, check this calligraphy one out.
8. Moleskine Desk Calendar. This is great for your mom in the kitchen or for your dad in his office. I kept one at work this past year, and it was really useful. 
9. iPhoto Book. If your parents are more sentimental, this is a great one. Since I got married this year, I'm getting my parents/grandparents a book with all my wedding photos in it. It's quick and easy to use.
10. Koostik Natural Amplifier. This is going to be my next purchase for my iPhone.


1. Teapot. Isn't it cute? I love it. Tempted to buy one for myself. 
2. Zag Tray. I also want this for myself. Right Now. 
3. Scotch Naturals Nail Polish. Last year, it was Essie. This year, it's Scotch.
4. Japanese Brass Bike Bell. If your sister has a bike, this would be a great gift. I want one and I don't even have a bike anymore. 
5. Hanging Nests. This is another cute hanging planter. Love the color too. 
6. Perforated Placemats and Napkins. Great for picnics or a casual lunch!  
7. Penguin Hardcover Fitzgerald Series. I'm collecting the Fitzgerald series and the Hardcover Classics series. The book covers make me wish I had designed them. 
8. Mason Jar Shakers. It took me 2 months to find a S&P shaker set that I loved. These were worth the wait.
9. Turkish Bath Towels. Love the colors and the patterns. And they look soft.
10. Celestial Coasters. I recommend going to the store and hand-selecting a set.