Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back in the Day.

I'm not quite sure what triggered it but on Thursday, I decided that I was in dire need of putting up new pictures in my room. (I even skipped class...woops). In the process of looking through my photo box, I found some pictures that I had neglected for awhile.

The first one is a picture of me in my lion costume for Halloween. I was 2.5 years old. My parents and their best friends had a son (Kevin) that was my age as well, so naturally, we had matching costumes. If you look closely in the background, he is standing there in his lion suit.

The second picture is of me and my friend Meredith at a sleepover at her place. We always wore those frilly PJ's and slept with our favorite Troll Dolls. I remember that Mere had a whole wall of troll dolls and I envied her for that. I wonder what happened to our collection of Trolls. I decided I'm going to incorporate this picture of us together for my response to her BFA project. It's a really cool idea. Check it out.

And her project has some meaning to me as well because of a story my parents once told Mere and her family about how they wrote love letters to each other before they got married. If you want to hear the story, just ask me but it's a bit too long and romantic for me to handle posting it on my blog.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I used to be able to stay up all night. You know, pull all-nighters 2, 3 times a week and my body and my mind still felt fine. I am realizing lately that my body is getting old. Very old.

I have lost the capability of staying up past 2 am. After that, I am an empty robot that cannot function in any way. Also, after 11 pm, I lose the capablity of typing my thoughts accurately.
This means absolutely no blogging, facebooking, texting, gchatting, and definitely no writing papers for my English class. Let me give you examples of what happens when I break this rule past 11 pm.

1. I send facebook messages to people that I barely know about absolutely nothing.
2. I text things like "sometimes I hate you and sometimes I love you" to random people.
3. I mistype on gchat: not instead of now and god instead of good.

To expand on numero 3, this is what happens.

Bob: I have a blog.
Me: Really? Let me look at it. Sweet. Well, you're not on my list of friends so feel special.
Bob: I'm not? How does that make me feel special?
Me: Because you're not my friend.
Bob: I'm hurt. Are you trying to end this friendship?
Me: What? I'm really confused. Oh, I meant now.

Jane: How are you?
Me: I'm god.
Jane: ...oh ok. You're god?
Me: What? Why would I be god? Oh, I meant I'm good.

It seems that after 11 pm, I type not and god but I still read them as now and good. Therefore, I don't catch that I have typed the worng word and end up jeapordizing several friendships.

The point is, I should be working on my design stuff for Adrian, so I don't have to stay up late tonight and hurt more friendships.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Deseret Ranch.

So 2 weeks ago, Adrian and my design class decided to take a trip to Deseret Ranch. My friend called it "rehab camp" but hey, it got rid of my stress.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taking naps = Yooms being happy.

So, my roommate told me about this. And it's pretty much amazing. And i really want one.

And yeah. I just want one real bad.