Monday, July 28, 2008

I suck at this.

I am ashamed to say that this is my first entry since I have been in NY...or ever on blogger. However, as I have promised some people, I will be writing my first entry about my visit to Boston.

I visited Samantha, Lucia, and Aaron about a week ago. As I drove into Boston on my Megabus ( for cheap tickets), I quickly fell in love with the architecture and the environment of the city. My first thought of Boston was "Yes! I can relax now." I was extremely happy when Samantha picked me up in her Volvo (oh how I really missed that car. I am glad it is still alive and well.)

Her apartment was decorated with artsy objects and things she loves to do. In the morning, we ate some yogurt with blueberries she had picked with her friends the day before. We met up with Lucia and went to breakfast at Deep Ellum (?) and then went thrift shopping. One thing I will tell you about the whole trip is that Samantha and Lucia has MANY friends (even though they deny it.) That weekend, everywhere I went, I would meet someone new. "Oh hey Chris, Anna, Ellie, Joe, John, Matt, Katy, Alex, etc. etc. etc. (sorry for any names I have misspelled), this is our friend yooms. Yooms, this is everyone. I'm pretty sure they own Allston.

Speaking of Allston, I was VERY confused when I first heard them talk about it. I wasn't quite sure if they were saying Boston, or Austin. For those of you who don't know, that's where we're from. So it took a little explanation and some food in my tummy to finally distinguish the difference between Austin, Allston, and Boston.
That night, Lucia, Samantha, and I drove down - (correction, got a ride from Lucia's dad) - to Davis Square where we met Aaron and Kristin. It had been awhile since I saw Aaron, so it was nice to see him again. I always forget how tall that kid is. I was again, reminded of how SHORT i am. We walked around, ate some Indian food, walked into Goodwill, and a small market where deliciously juicy looking fruit filled the front of the store. I got to ride the T. Can I just say, it is so much cleaner and sweeter than the NY subway? I didn't feel like I was on the subway at all.

We went to Lucia's to chill and watch Little Women, where we fell in love with Christian Bale all over again. Afterwards, we went to a bookstore where Watts worked, to get some free drinks. That night, we ended up at Alex's apartment for a rooftop sleepover. His apartment is decorated with a bunch of maps and when Anna started talking about Seattle, Alex was like, "Oh, hold on." And came back with a map of Seattle. I am a bit jealous of his map collection. That night, Samantha and I ended up going back to her apartment to sleep.

On Sunday, we had a pancake breakfast with blueberries. I think I am in love with blueberries. When I get back to Provo, I want to go fruit picking. But first, I'll have to find friends who'll do that with me. We decided that we needed to go swimming. So, we made our way to a public pool where we played mafia and handstands and who-can-make-the-biggest-cannon-balls with these black kids. (See my facebook for visual reference).

I really enjoyed the weekend. I liked Boston too. I wish I could have stayed longer. Maybe someday I'll go back. But for now, it was a nice weekend get-away from my busy life in New York. As for what's going on in New York, I'll have to write about that some other day.