Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Trubschenck: Reception

I wanted our reception in my backyard and luckily it was large enough to accomodate our guests! I chose 3 things from my wedding to obsess about and I let go of the rest. The dress, photography, invitations, and flowers. (ok. that's 4). But I also wanted to put some personal touches to my reception. I wanted the reception to feel like a garden party with a bit of Texan touch. We picked up a lot of wild flowers from Whole Foods and had family friends arrange them. They did all the flowers for the reception! We had Pok-e-Jo's cater (Texas BBQ) and I made some jar lights to hang from trees that my friend Mackenzie taught me how to make. The cakes were made by another family friend and they were not only beautiful but delicious. My amazing mom also made me an amazing dress that I changed into for the getaway.