Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mini Update!

My wedding photos are done! BUT I still haven't gotten the actual files yet. So here are screen-shot versions of a few of my many favorites....

PS. Lately I've been feeling a little down about Etsy. I feel like it's starting to get over-rated. I'll find a few vintage etsy shops that may have a few items that I think are ok but other than that, my feelings for etsy has slowly been dying. Until I saw this shop! They seriously have the cutest collections of everything. Not to mention that the photography is great and the pages are categorized by COLOR!!!!! LOVE IT Rox & Sam!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


My friend Amanda (she's a great designer!) had this on her blog post. And I decided to give it a shot although I have terrible luck when it comes to winning things.

I've actually been to Paris twice in my life. But both times I wished I got to explore the city beyond all the tourist spots. If I go next time, it'll be nice to have a local be my tour guide!

PS. I promise I'll post an update WITH PICTURES of my wedding when I get them.

UPDATE: Didn't win :( But doesn't matter because I've got a little wedding picture sneak peak!