Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Library...

So, in my new room, I have a little secret room. It is this little tiny space that happens to be right under the stairs. Just imagine Harry Potter's little secret room under the stairs. That's kind of what it feels like. I decided to turn that room into a little library/art gallery. I store all of my pretty glass bottles and vases. It really looks pretty in there. And when the sun is out and it hits the little secret room at the right angle, it looks gorgeous. I have placed 1/3 of my book collection in the room (mainly art/design/architecture books). I love it. When I have a little more time (maybe Thanksgiving week?), my goal is to go buy some foam to make cushions and place battery-operated lights in there so I can actually read and look at my books.

I was just blogging and came across this. I want a library like this in my house when I grow up.

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miya kodama said...

you can get this stick on lights that you push to turn on. they're batt. operated.