Thursday, October 22, 2009

A little sneak peak...

My sister sent these picture to me. It's a little sneak peak of my costume. I cropped the pictures so you won't be able to see the whole thing just yet but I promise I'll post the whole thing up for Halloween. My brother Kanji is modeling the costume. Sorry I don't know why the image quality is so poor.

(May or may not be the side-view of the head piece)

(what? the gloves have claws?)

AKA: My mom is awesome.


M.C. said...

Nate and I went to see it last night. All I have to say is "now I don't have to eat my feet off any more." Oh and one more thing, "Feed me, woman!" Can't wait to see you in your cute costume!

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

i love that library picture and you'll look super cute in your costume. i've been hearing so much about this movie, i should probably go see it... i dont think i ever even read the book when i was little???