Monday, October 17, 2011

Roadtrip with my coworkers #1


My coworkers and I + Dean went on a day trip. But my friend definitely tells the story way better than I can so I'm going to let her tell the story. (Guys, she's a copywriter. She writes scripts and clever taglines. My writing capability of a designer can't compete with that.)

For the story, click here.

Also, I definitely looked like an asian tourist, with my straight bangs, asian looks, messenger bag, & most importantly, a holga camera around my neck. But hey, if a white Blondy wore the exact same outfit, with my haircut, and a holga camera around her neck, she would look like a normal artsy girl. NOT FAIR.

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danielle said...

haha I was wondering why I was getting a ton of traffic from your blog to mine. thanks for letting me tell the story, and I think you look super cute in all the pics, asain tourist-esque or not!