Sunday, October 16, 2011

Raspberry Goodness!

Sorry, I accidentally deleted the post! So I'm rewriting this.

I've always wanted to go berry picking. Luckily, Saturday was the perfect weather to go pick some raspberries. I heard from a friend about a farm in Spanish Fork where you can pick your own raspberries. 

Dean and I had so much fun picking berries. We ended up picking 5 pounds of raspberries! The couple who runs the farm were so nice, they gave us a discount on the berries we picked. They even threw in some tomatoes for free! 

When we got home, I decided I wanted to make some jam. This was my first time making jam all by myself so it was really exciting. I made 8 jars of jam and we still have plenty of raspberries left!  If any of you have any suggestions on what I can make with raspberries, let me know!  

Also, you can get a glimpse of how I've decorated the kitchen/dining area. The white & gold prints you see on the wall are from one of my favorite design studios, seesawdesign. They used to be a 2011 calendar but I couldn't wait until next year to frame them so I cheated!

PS. I am officially back to blogging now that pre/post wedding madness is over! And no, I have not forgotten the promise I made about posting my wedding pictures. I just have so many that I can't choose which ones to share!


danielle said...

first. oh yay! you guys look so great picking berries. glad you had fun :)

second. raspberry ice cream is always a good choice.

third. I'm glad you're back to blogging!

the end.

mandi winterton said...

where is the raspberry farm? i want to go!

iyouandme said...

Mandi! The farm is in Mapleton/Spanish Fork. Here's their fb page. The owners said that this week is probably the last week to be able to pick berries before the hard frost hits.

meg said...

I made grape jam this fall and it was so easy and delicious!