Saturday, September 11, 2010


I apologize in advance for taking so long to post this. And another apology for the lack of cheesy-ness and perhaps all the gushy, mushy details I have left out. (And sorry for any cheesy stuff that was left in the story. After all, it is a cheesy story and it was kind of hard to leave the cheesy parts out without telling you the story.) WARNING: This story has been extremely simplified.

May 29: The Break

Dean: Can I have some time to think about our relationship? I just don't know how I feel anymore.
Me: (PANIC!) ok. yeah. that's cool. (fine. maybe i shed a tear of two)

after a week of not seeing each other or talking to each other...

June 4: The Un-break

I tell Dean how I feel and how I love him and that I want to keep dating him. Dean tells me about the week and how he had a hard time figuring out what to do. I'm expecting him to break up with me so I start emotionally prepping myself not to cry.

Dean: So yeah...I just didn't know and I wasn't getting answers...and I was just so distracted the whole week and couldn't focus on anything and was miserable...and last night I just said I don't care anymore...

Me: (deep breath. here we go. don't cry when he says he wants to end things...)

Dean: ...and the earliest we'd be able to get married would be next April but I wanna be with you.

Me: (long pause with a very confused brain) .........wait.'re not breaking up with me?

Dean: Not unless you want to? (Also a little confused to my reaction.)

Me: wait...what? (Around this time, the word "get married" finally registers). WHAT?

Dean: (a little concerned) you want to marry me?

Me: YES!

So we go to dinner while I'm still a little confused about the "get married" part. Later that night, he's ready to take me home. Right as I'm about to get in his car, he pulls me aside, and asks me the question.

Dean: Will you marry me?

Me: YES!

But Dean and I decided that we wouldn't tell anyone about our engagement until he had a chance to talk to my dad. And the sweet guy he is, he wanted to talk to my dad face to face. The earliest we were able to go to Austin with his DAT (dental test) craziness was at the end of August after school ended. But now we can tell everyone that


We'll be getting married in the San Antonio, Texas Temple April 30.


Erica and Spencer said...

YOOMS! This story makes me so happy! As I was reading it I yelled to Spencer and told him he had to read it too : ) I can't tell you how excited I am for you guys! We need to get together again and make dinner or something.

Raimo and Jessica Laitinen said...

ayumi! i just looked up your photos on facebook to find out who DEAN was! he is soo cute! and i am so thrilled for you to be engaged!!!

olivia said...

yay! congrats ayumi! you sly little one. i know we agreed we both like long dating, but i'm just gonna say it now—not a fan of long engagements. oh well, you and dean are the cutest though and i'd say you were meant for each other. just maybe pretend like you're still dating for a while. i don't know why... engagement is just different, and surprisingly not in a good way. why is that? ok, anyway i'm getting carried away. I LOVE YOUR STORY THOUGH! SUPER CUTE AND CONGRATS!

Missy Johnson said...

HOORAY! Congrats! I hope I run into you in San Francisco again...

jenny said...

Awwww yes! Yoooooms I am so happy for you. So so so happy. I can't wait to see your invitations! You must blog them!

amanda jane jones said...

YAY!!! You will be a beautiful bride...

Rachel said...

Ayumi, that is awesome. My mom told me you were engaged. Congrats!!! I can't wait to meet the lucky guy.

- Rachel Murdock

jbroclayto said...

Ayumi!!!! I just read this post! CONGRATS GIRL! So excited for you! Let me know if you need any help or anything! So exciting!