Thursday, June 9, 2011


My friend Amanda (she's a great designer!) had this on her blog post. And I decided to give it a shot although I have terrible luck when it comes to winning things.

I've actually been to Paris twice in my life. But both times I wished I got to explore the city beyond all the tourist spots. If I go next time, it'll be nice to have a local be my tour guide!

PS. I promise I'll post an update WITH PICTURES of my wedding when I get them.

UPDATE: Didn't win :( But doesn't matter because I've got a little wedding picture sneak peak!


amanda jane said...

woot woot! If i don't win it, I hope you win it next. :)

M.C. Sommers said...

I'm glad you added that p.s. I really, really wanna see pics.

My own p.s. I'm so sad we missed your reception in Utah. My dad flew up the night before at the last minute and we ended up spending the day up in Farmington. I really want to get together over lunch or something to hear all the details, though!!!!

daniellef said...

FUN!! I hope you win!

And you better post pictures ASAP!!!