Thursday, March 4, 2010

My vow...

Back in November 2009, Thanksgiving week, I promised myself I wouldn't go shopping until my birthday. Yesterday, I was reminded by my favorite Banana Republic that my birthday is this month. They send me a gift certificate every March to lure me into their store. So, naturally, I went online to see what fabulous new collection they're coming out with. DISAPPOINTED! (Of course, except for the $300+ hooded leather jacket I spoke of earlier today. But even with my gift certificate it costs as much as my rent! So that's an automatic no.) I'm hoping they'll have better stuff by the end of the month. BR don't let me down!

But then maybe I'll buy a book that I've been wanting for awhile.

Or something from Anthro.

Or that letterpress machine I've been wanting. (Although I was quite disappointed by whoever printed the samples at some scrap booking store. So that may also be a no.)

Or save it for something big? NO, I have to buy myself a gift.

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