Monday, January 25, 2010

Am I a hoarder?

Today, I was going through my art supplies, trying to organize them into boxes and containers. And I stumbled upon a large glue collection which included:

-3 big bottles of Elmer's glue
-3 large bottles of spray mount
-1 bottle of Japanese glue
-1 large bottle of goo gone
-3 glue sticks
-3 bottles of PVA (bookbinder's) glue

Ridiculous? I think so. But they're all 95% full that it would be so tragic for me to throw them out. My art supply collection gets even better.

-I have enough color pencils, pencils and pens to fill up a box
-I have 3 rolls of tape that I can account for
-I have 5 cutting utensils (exacto knives and scalpels) and three times as many blades for these exactos and scalpels
-I have 4 straight rulers that I can see right now (I know I have at least 5 more somewhere under my bed)
-I have enough foam core to go through another semester of identity and magazine design classes
-I have waaaaaay too many large sheets of expensive paper that I have no idea what to do with but can't throw out because they were $7/sheet
-I have 2 bins full of paints, brushes, and pastels
-And probably other things that I just can't remember

And that's not including my portfolio (failed and successful projects)

-I have 3 large portfolio bags full of my art/design work
-2 boxes full of packaging/3D work
-1 large bin full of magazine/identity/2D work

And that's not including my projects that I have at my work.

So what am I to do? Throw them all out? How could I when I don't even have my portfolio finalized. And even when it turns out bad, you've spent way too many sleepless nights on those unsuccessful projects that you just can't throw them all out. They're still my babies.

So, I can't give you my projects out but if you ever need some glue, feel free to stop by AYUMI'S ART STORE.

...or maybe I should have an art supply yard sale.


Lauren Kay said...

I want the PVA! If you are interested, I will buy it from you PLUS pay you for the shipping... Interested? You can email me:

PS. I miss seeing you.

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

i think that's a liiiiiiiiiiiittle bit worse than me, but i know how you feel. before we moved i tried consolidating but i still have like 6 bins/boxes full of art stuff! you just never know when you're gonna need it! :)

Lucia said...

The other day I took a walking tour of Harlem. There is a square dedicated to two brothers who were hoarders. One brother died because some of his stuff fell on top of him; then the other brother died of heartbreak.

Yooms, please don't die from your art adhesives falling on you.