Thursday, July 9, 2009


What I did 7/2 - 7/5:

1. Went to Natalie's dessert party. Baked a USA cake. It was delicious. Should have taken a picture of it. Played with sparklers and participated in an intense game of 4 square.

2. Observed hot air balloons from my apartment at 7AM. Decided that I actually wanted to go.

(This one reminded me of the house from UP)

3. Actually went to the balloon fest at 6AM!

(Dean took this one. It's my favorite!)
4. Hiked Stewart Falls. Dean and Ty decided they wanted to walk through the waterfall.

5. Ate burgers and watched National Treasures. Had some snowcones and brownies and cake. DEFINITELY took a big nap.

6. Went on campus to watch the stadium of fire fireworks. Didn't see the Jonas Brothers.

7. Played with sparklers.

8. More desserts and movie.

9. Wore red/white/blue outfit to church.

10. Played Puerto Rico with more USA desserts.

Definitely one of the best USA birthdays ever. Came close to the one from last year in NY when we made USA Crepes.

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