Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleepless Nights

Since Tuesday, I have gotten approximately 4 hours of sleep. I am officially on auto pilot. I move and talk like a robot. The only thing keeping me alive right now is the thought of spring break that I have created for myself. It's still in the rough draft stage:

1. Shep Studio - get a hair cut
2. Go watch a movie by myself (in the dollar theater)
3. Go to Spanish branch tutoring
4. Go running everyday
5. Of course work on design stuff
6. Go to SLC
7. Go skiing
8. Go out to eat by myself
9. Go on a bike ride to my favorite park
10. Go to the MoA
11. Paint the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel
12. Write letters
13. Go to Borders
14. Go shopping
15. Cook
16. Make desserts
17. Send packages


Alex said...

yooms! call me! i will go to the dollar/go to borders/go to slc/go skiing with you!!!

Erica and Spencer said...

Oh design people... I just barely finished my advertising project and we had one creative on our team and his sleep schedule sounds a lot like yourse!

I'm sorry!

Have fun on your "spring break"!

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

ayumi, you just need to quit school! i've been in the studio like twice since i put my show up, and i am LOVING LIFE!!!!!! haha. don't tell my mom or my professors--they'll be super disappointed. :)

Samantha said...

yoooms that's a good list. I'm jealous that you have a bike. Evan lost mine.

STEVEN said...

The Dollar Theater?? Alone?? Really??