Friday, February 20, 2009

I have officially gone insane.

It's official. I am officially broken. Not broke...well, maybe after today, but broken. Just plain crazy. Lunatic but not bipolar. Just broken and crazy. Like no one should mess with me right now crazy. So what happens when Yooms is broken? I don't know.

I've been trying to get my bambu project printed and comped up all week so I can enter it into a few contests. I think that broke me. I needed to go buy some nice napkins for this project. (Don't ask why). I didn't have time to go to a real store, so I went to the bookstore. And on the way to where the napkins are, I passed by all the sweet art books and discounted books. And I purchased some BIG books. Definitely expensive. Did I even make it to the napkins? NOPE. Did I even care? NOPE.

I've been wanting this book since I went to Italy. Except I think the one I really wanted was the one that is a set with the Uffizi Gallery Museum Collection. So, maybe I'll go return this. But maybe not.

And I bought this because I LOVE anatomy and I LOVED the drawings in the book. (Although I hate the association to the name of a very popular TV show). I really want to change my BFA now. Why didn't I do something on the body? I think I really want to. Definitely NOT a good idea, but I'm insane right now, so I do crazy things.
I also forgot my phone at home today. Usually I get really uncomfortable about not having my phone on me at all times. But no, it was glorious today. I LOVED not being bothered by ANYONE. And all I want to do tonight is just watch Jack Black movies by myself. I might even just stay in my lab and watch them all night. Hmmm.... I kinda like that idea.

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