Thursday, January 8, 2009

I have a problem.

The top 3 places I spend my money:

1. Amazon
2. Banana Republic
3. Borders

I love Amazon. Those free super-saver shipping things really don't help either. I really need to get their credit card because I would actually be saving money doing so, but I cannot bring myself to sign up for one. I even went through the process 3 times and ended hitting the cancel button 3 times. But that is not the problem I have.

I love to read. I really wish I had more time for books. I keep a list of books I'm interested in or want to read in my planner/notebook/journal.

Problem #1: So far, I have about 30 books on my list. I have purchased about half of the books on the list and yet I keep purchasing books even before I start the first one. Some may ask, "Why don't you just borrow it from the library?"

Hence Problem #2: I HAVE to purchase what I read. I have to OWN it. It has to be MINE. I would be saving so much money AND trees if I were simply to get a library card and borrow books from the library. I think I don't like the time restraint I get from borrowing a book from the library. You know, the 3 week limit, and if you're not done within 3 weeks, you have to re-check it out. I hate that.

I do have a pretty good list of books right now that I may or may not have read yet. So if you want a book to read, come to my library and I'll let you check a book out for as long as you want.

These are the books that I am/will be reading:

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