Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back in the Day.

I'm not quite sure what triggered it but on Thursday, I decided that I was in dire need of putting up new pictures in my room. (I even skipped class...woops). In the process of looking through my photo box, I found some pictures that I had neglected for awhile.

The first one is a picture of me in my lion costume for Halloween. I was 2.5 years old. My parents and their best friends had a son (Kevin) that was my age as well, so naturally, we had matching costumes. If you look closely in the background, he is standing there in his lion suit.

The second picture is of me and my friend Meredith at a sleepover at her place. We always wore those frilly PJ's and slept with our favorite Troll Dolls. I remember that Mere had a whole wall of troll dolls and I envied her for that. I wonder what happened to our collection of Trolls. I decided I'm going to incorporate this picture of us together for my response to her BFA project. It's a really cool idea. Check it out.

And her project has some meaning to me as well because of a story my parents once told Mere and her family about how they wrote love letters to each other before they got married. If you want to hear the story, just ask me but it's a bit too long and romantic for me to handle posting it on my blog.


eurrka said...

hehe that sleepover picture makes me glad. I have a picture like that with my cousins (frilly pjs and all!)

STEVEN said...

Hey blog buddy! Good to see you out and about in the blogosphere. And cute baby pics. And yes, I did scream like a girl when I found the tissue.

Meredith said...

Wow. I always thought I was kind of a tom boy...apparently not at all...that room is pink and girly and so are the pjs. At least I had trolls instead of barbies. Those were good times!

Lucia said...

Yooms, any parent would be lucky to have you as their toddler. You make me want to have a child.